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Tommy D In A Tight Picker Hole

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Running time : 19:09 min

Actors : Tommy D


Tommy and Dylan McLovin hooked up a couple of months ago, but all they did was blow each other. For this hot hot HOT scene, Tommy gets to take Dylan's *anal virginity*. Seriously, Dylan McLovin has never taken anything in his ass...until now.

The two get right into it when they start making out on the bed. The clothes come off, and the cocks go into their mouths. After blowing each other, Tommy loosens Dylan's ass with his fingers before sliding his rock hard cock into his tight picker hole.

He gives it to this hot 19 year old in a multitude of different way before pulling out and squirting his juice all over Dylan's ripped abs. Dylan then cums and Tommy licks it up, sharing the taste with his buddy.


Tommy D In A Tight Picker Hole Image 1